A business-ready,
meaningful path to reaching goals for the entire team

Blueprint One for Growthâ„  is a proven turnkey method for professional growth and change. Personalized to every team members' needs to achieve overall company goals.

The result is a more engaged, more fulfilled, more productive and more profitable team.

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You can't afford to lose good people

According to Gallup, two-thirds of business leaders believe that retaining a great employee is harder than hiring them. Employees disengage when they don't feel valued. If employers don't provide opportunities to grow and advance they risk whether good employees stay or go.

Do you want to spend money finding new people? Or growing your own?

Traditional training and development models are topic-specific and priced 'by the head'. That quickly gets expensive. Blueprint One for Growth is proven and repeatable. Your employees learn how to create a blueprint then use it for any personal or team growth goal they want to achieve now and any time again in the future.

Successfully completed blueprints create:

  • Renewed enthusiasm and increased engagement
  • Goals achievedtheirs and your company's
  • Increased innovation and new ideas
  • Higher performance of individuals and teams

If you hire humans Blueprint One for Growth will work for you

How many times have you gone or sent employees to training only to have the initial take aways get swallowed up by day-to-day demands? 

Blueprint One for Growth helps you apply your skill and innovation not just collect them like awards gathering dust on the shelf.

Traditional training
Skill and self knowledge acquisition
  • Communication mechanics
  • Accountability techniques
  • Self-assessment results
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Myers-Briggs
    • DiSC
  • Management approaches



With Blueprint One for Growth
Skill and personal development application lead to growth 
  • Apply communication skills
    • Have difficult conversations
    • Speak up/offer ideas
  • Actual accountability
    • Hold self and others accountable
    • Address performance
  • Act on self-assessments
    • Growth goals
    • Daily actions
  • Lead the team
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Blueprint One for Growth

Blueprint One for Growth is a method each team member can master quickly to tackle any adaptive professional or personal growth goal. It's particularly effective in conquering that one thing that comes up in every review with earnest interest in making an improvement, but often gets pushed aside in day-to-day priorities.

It is also highly effective in amplifying already successful behaviors to help your star employees reach their full potential.

See How it Works

Customizable for all

This isn't one-size-fits-all. Blueprint One for Growth allows each person to customize the method to fit their needs by focusing on how to make a change versus what change to make. 

Let your team manage their own development

It's harder than ever to lead through challenges and keep great employees. Your team has different skills and different needs, their professional development should reflect that.


Supporting you and your team, when and where you need it

Blueprint One for Growth is designed to launch together and then be supported for 8 weeks. For those that can't make the kick-off, an on-demand option is available for them regardless of time or location.

One price serves all

Blueprint One for Growth turns a traditional, individually priced model on its head by making training affordable across the entire company and accessible for all.

Let's get your team to work

Employees are 87% less likely to leave a job if they are engaged and motivated in the workplace.* Yet most American workers continue to report feeling disengaged at work.

Let's get started.

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*Gallup. “Historic Drop In Employee Engagement Follows Record Rise.”  July 2020.