One method.

Supporting Individual Growth.

Resulting in Team Success.

Experience the power of Blueprint One for Growth℠ – a proven method tailored for professional growth and transformation. This dynamic approach meets each team member where they are, empowering them to design individual paths toward team goals.

Witness the tangible results: a team actively engaged, fulfilled, driving productivity, and achieving remarkable success.

Protect Your Talent Investment and

Keep Your Best People

Investing in your team's growth is crucial for retaining top talent. Gallup reports that two-thirds of business leaders find retaining excellent employees more challenging than hiring new ones. Disengagement often stems from a lack of employees feeling valued, making it imperative to offer opportunities for professional development.

Consider this: Do you prefer the cost and uncertainty of recruiting new personnel or the certainty of cultivating your existing team?

Conventional training models are often both expensive ‘by-the-head’ cost and narrowly focused. The Blueprint One for Growth, however, offers a proven and replicable solution. Your team will acquire the skills to develop a blueprint, applicable not only for immediate goals but also for continuous personal and team growth.

By implementing this approach, you can expect:

  • Renewed enthusiasm and heightened engagement among team members.
  • Successful achievement of both personal and team goals.
  • An uptick in innovation and the generation of fresh ideas.
  • Elevated performance levels from both individuals and teams.

Investing in Blueprint One for Growth is an investment in the sustained success and development of your team, ensuring they remain motivated, productive, and aligned with the company's objectives.

Say goodbye to traditional training that results in skills collecting dust.

How many times have you provided training and assessments to employees only to have the initial take aways get swallowed up by day-to-day demands?

With Blueprint One for Growth, your team will actively apply, innovate, and achieve lasting growth.

Traditional training
Skill and self knowledge acquisition
  • Communication mechanics
  • Accountability techniques
  • Self-assessment results
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Myers-Briggs
  • DiSC
  • Management approaches
With Blueprint One for Growth
Application of skills that leads to growth
  • Apply communication skills
  • Have the difficult conversations
  • Offer innovative ideas
  • Actual accountability
  • Hold self and others accountable
  • Address performance issues head-on, ensuring continuous improvement
  • Act on self-assessments
  • Growth goals
  • Daily actions
  • Lead the team

Blueprint One for Growth

When your team successfully completes their blueprints, they won't just have changed their mindset and behavior—they'll possess a common language for discussing growth and goals. The heightened trust among team members will unlock their collective potential, enabling them to achieve outcomes that were previously out of reach.

Blueprint One for Growth allows for swift mastery and measurable results. It strategically addresses recurring improvement goals for struggling team members while also supporting the continued success of star performers.

Don't allow improvement goals to fade into mere afterthoughts; invest in Blueprint One for Growth to propel your team toward enduring success.

One Goal. Many Paths.

Your team has different skills and different needs for support in reaching a personal or team goal, their professional development should reflect that. Blueprint One for Growth empowers individuals to tailor the method to their specific needs by emphasizing how to make a change, rather than prescribing what change to make.

Supporting you and your team, when and where you need it

Blueprint One for Growth is structured for a collective launch, followed by six weeks of ongoing team support.

In the event that some individuals are unable to attend the kick-off, we offer an on-demand option, providing flexibility in both timing and location for seamless accessibility.

Let's get your team to work

Employees are 87% less likely to leave a job if they are engaged and motivated in the workplace.* Yet most American workers continue to report feeling disengaged at work.

Let's get started.