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Turnkey in its delivery for leaders.
Fully customizable by each team member.

The program content, progress reminders, encouragement and reports are delivered automatically making it a cinch for individuals to stay on track and for you to track the teams' progress. Your team can design exactly what goal they work on individually that will provide the biggest leap in growth and impact.

Cindy Jennings created the Blueprint One for Growth  method and will guide your company and your team members through the process.

Blueprint One for Growth is a method each team member can master quickly to tackle one professional or personal growth goal at a time. It's particularly effective in conquering that one thing that comes up in every review with earnest interest in making an improvement, but often gets pushed aside in day-to-day priorities.

It is also highly effective in amplifying already successful behaviors to help your star employees reach their full potential.

In just a two-hour live, online workshop and 8 weeks of interactive support Cindy will help your team create their first blueprint to achieve their first growth goal that often results in: 

  • Shared growth, the company's and your team's
  • Improved trust amongst team members and overall culture 
  • More confident and effective collaboration 
  • Increased motivation,  engagement and retention

How it Works


Step 1:

Team learns the method

In a two-hour live, online workshop, your team will learn the Blueprint One for Growth method. 

Team leaders can decide if they want the team to work toward a common company goal like assertiveness, clear communication or accountability. Or each team member can identify their individual goal. Regardless, every Blueprint One for Growth will be custom to each team member. 

At the end of Step 1, each team member will have outlined:

  • The one personal or professional growth goal that, if achieved, will have a huge impact on the quality of their work and life. This may also be tied to a company or team goal, if desired
  • Understand how to move past anything that is keeping them stuck in place or slowing them down even if they've tried many times to change in the past
  • A proven, data-based action plan to move forward faster

Step 2: 

Activate the blueprints

Live, online group sessions are led bi-weekly for 8 weeks while your team learns to create and follow their blueprint. Questions may be emailed in between sessions to keep the team on track.

In each session, questions will be answered, and tips provided to improve blueprints. We will test mindsets and beliefs, gather and analyze bi-weekly growth experiment data, and create new tests to improve on growth goals.

In this way, each team member will access live and personal support to understand what is, or isn't, impacting their actions toward achieving their growth goal, and more importantly, their desired outcome.

Step 3:

Create blueprints two, three, four...

Once learned, this method can be used again and again for any growth or change or opportunity. Individually or as a team.

The goal is to enable each member of your team to create individual growth without requiring outside help or coaching, although further support is always an option.

Once your team understands how to create and activate the Blueprint One for Growth method, it will be natural for them to tackle collective team goals. 

Cindy is the consummate professional. It's clear this is not a one size fits all program, and she helped me get to the information that was important to me in an insightful way. 

The Blueprint One for Growth method, and Cindy's help navigating it, have contributed to my ability to move effectively through my home, workplace, the grocery store - anyplace where my inner self is working to be at equilibrium with my outer self.

~Bill U., Energy Industry Executive

The last method you'll need for your team's personal and professional development

One Team, One Price

Too often leaders are priced out of professional development for their team. Blueprint One for Growth offers a highly effective method that is intended to be inclusive of everyone on your team.

This method is taught live with follow-on curriculum accessed on-demand to facilitate each person's pace. Your team is then supported with live, in-person group coaching to answer questions, get on-track and find success. 

Team size

6-Week Program Fee

Under 10



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Additional support and services are available to help individual team members thrive in their development.

These services require a higher level of engagement and additional fees. 

Custom add-ons:

  • 1:1 coaching for team members 
  • Collective Team Blueprint development and facilitation 
  • Skills-based training
  • Exclusive community for your team (the Blueprint One for Growth weekly group coaching is open to all companies and participants)
  • EQI (Emotional Intelligence) Assessment Includes a one-hour individual debrief

Fees for customization vary based on need and scope.

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